Review: Fear by Michael Grant

28 Apr

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5/5 Stars- Insanely Awesome!

This book blew my mind! Even when I think it can’t anymore, the FAYZ continues to surprise me. It was just insane; I really do not want to know what goes on in Michael Grant’s head!

It amazes me how many things are going on at the same time in this short period of time. There are like 10 different storylines going on. You never have to worry about this book getting boring. You are totally absorbed into the world of the FAYZ. You want to know what crazy thing is going to happen next, why it happened and how it will be resolved.

This book is also great with its characters. They are all very complex. You feel something for each of them, whether you like them and want them to succeed or you hate them with a passion *cough* Drake *cough*. It’s hard to believe they’re just kids; they’ve had to grown up and be strong in this cruel reality they live in.

The authors detailed descriptions make this world all the more terrifying and real. Warning: if you are looking for a light, happy book, do not read this.

There’s one more thing I have to talk about: the ending. There’s no other way to describe it other than this:!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Overall: A captivating story with plenty of OMG and WTH moments and a jaw-dropping ending.

Favorite Quotes

“…I hate people.” -Lana

“The world was ending, Jack was hurt, maybe dying, maybe dead already, and they were being awkward.”

“No one vinces me, baby”

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